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What's Your Father's Day Gift to Him?

Connecting to the deep heart of The Father is what Jesus brought and bought. But for many of us, the enemy has woven a dark web around our perception of Father's Heart and it keeps us on the fringe rather than in the fullness. Don't think that's an issue for you? So you have no fear, stress, or hesitation in full obedience? Hmmm. It's subtle, insidious, and widespread; it cripples our ability to transit the True Father's Heart to the world.

The toughest lies to confront are those from the earliest days: Deep, visceral imprints made when we were too small to process or push back the assault. Unseen and unknown they are the gravity that filters and forms the doubts, reservations and questions deep in our gut. They produce pockets of prodigal fragments - scattered in the recesses like so much broken glass.

In John's gospel there are over 100 references to Father - most are statements by Jesus. Clearly, He wanted us to grasp that He had not come as a freelance firewall between us and an enraged and remote father. Rather, He came on Father's direction, with Father's Heart, to Father's kids. Well, of course we all get that...logically...theologically...intellectually...ah, ecumenically? Still, there's this lingering something we can't put a finger to.

Do you speak with Father, with Jesus, and with Holy Spirit? Not as the Holy Committee or Cosmic Conglomeration - but as Persons? You know - One God: Three Persons? Oh, you thought that was just doctrine or dogma? We become what we behold: Spend time and focus, hear and know the Voice of the Father. Let Him show you places where the web of the enemy is at work to keep you from Him. Then ask Him to imprint your heart with His so you're a true carrier. BTW: No one who carries this is asymptomatic. It infects the core, is fatal to fear and highly contagious. The world needs it. I need it. And, frankly, so do you.


PS: We're able to send another batch of letters to max prison population. Notes, cards, anything that can communicate a part of His Heart for these men. Deadline is Thursday. Replay of this teaching on Youtube. Replay of entire Flight Deck session on Facebook.

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