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Arise, You Hearts Like Benjamin

This 9th biblical month is linked to the tribe of Benjamin - wily warriors, dangerous deliverers, and passionate protectors.

Characteristics we all can and should reflect in these times - provided we are rightly aligned within and without.

The prophetic words over Benjamin make him a double-edged sword: Described as a voracious wolf by Jacob and a sheltering protector by Moses.

But of course: So was Jesus. Fierce and ferocious; gentle and protective.

Members of Ben's tribe embody some challenging choices we face this month.

Do we power-walk in our new name or limp along in the old? Are we stuck in past sorrow or move forward in strength?

Will we obey regardless of perceived impracticality or veer into a veneer of religious practice?

Will we align with earthly structures of political correctness or stand under heaven's direction and anointing?

Remember that it was his alignment with David that triggered Jonathan's divide from his father Saul.

Likewise, it is alignment with the nation of David that marks division in nations; With The Son of David that triggers it in groups.

In this month of clashes, conflicts, and the choices that arise - do NOT be alarmed or surprised.

You live in a war zone - not under a peace dome.

You belong to the Prince of Peace who came to bring a sword. (Mt 10)

Rise up wily warrior, dangerous deliverer, and passionate protector.

Let your heart - like Benjamin's - arise!


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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