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As an Arrow in the Hand of the Lord...

In this new month, conflict and confrontation are scriptural anchors: Light and dark collide - sparks fly.

Some altercations are without – some within.

In this month Jesus goes nose-to-nose with code-quoting, stone-toting religious rulers. (John 10)

In Jer. 36, a king bisects and burns the Word of God, then seeks to light up the writer.

As the ‘ravenous wolf tribe’ (Gen 49) Ben-Jamin incarnates this conflict.

Yet intensity and fire are not the problem: They need to be dangerous.

The question is direction: Good or evil?

God wants, actually requires, passion. (‘Were that you were hot or cold…’ Rev 3)

But passion must align with His heart so that we are rightly redirected.

Case in point: When God plucks Saul from obscurity, he wasn’t seeking greatness - just his donkeys.

In the sharp shift he is realigned and redirected and leads well and with passion.

Yet when doing what is practical and politic prevails, his heart goes awry.

That great fuel for the fight still burns, but now against rather than for God.

Like Saul, we are all sharp and deadly and meant to be the arrows in the hand of the Lord.

Yet decisions remain ours.

In this month of great confrontations of light and dark, life and death - keep your heart ever rightly aligned with His.

Be ready: He will redirect and release you to fly into the fight.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

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