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Ascend to See and War

Select US soldiers are now using small, personal drones in the field to see the bigger picture and things hidden from line-of-sight.

The higher the perspective, the better the decisions made, and the better the battle is fought and won. 

Foolish the soldier who, having the opportunity for this perspective, declines the offer.  

"Come up higher and I will show you things...' says the Lord.  

Yet, far too many believers decline the offer. 

Last night at The Deck, we dug into how we might better ascend to that higher perspective with wings like eagles.

There are four forces at work to help or hinder the ascent of an eagle and by looking at those we understand how they function in the spirit.  

Gravity is one factor where too many try to ascend while dragging the weight of the world.  

Realizing this we release all in order to ascend:  Once in the right place with the right perspective, we address, declare, and war for those burdens.  

Another way that an eagle ascends is to leverage the force of thrust by simply facing INTO the wind.  

His wing channels all that headwind into lift: He simply faces it and adjusts the angle of the wings.  

WE can do the same with the crazy strong headwinds that whip across our paths:  Turn and face it full on, open and adjust our 'wings' in the spirit, and allow it to lift us higher.

Tons more on the replay to help you learn how better to ascend and maintain that altitude.

The Lord is saying, 'Come up higher and I will show you things...' 

Do not decline the offer.  

We ALL need to see fully so we may war rightly, fully aligned with His directives. 

Ascend to see and war!


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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