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First Month: Fierce Foes & Fresh Fire

We are about to enter into God's first biblical month.

With so many major confrontations and victories referenced in scripture, it is rightly called the King of Months.

Will it be so for you?

This month of massive warfare in the heavenlies is played out repeatedly, over millennia and across the world.

It is a time when God then breaks through with such force that He makes public spectacles of His enemies and His people thereby advance.

Our part? Judah is key.

For Judah is the first tribe and the tribe of worship and warfare.

We cannot separate these two if we are to rightly understand true worship and righteous warfare.

For they are two sides of one coin in His Realm.

This dynamic of Judah is the door through which we cross over into what is next for this season.

And on this journey we call out for the fresh fire we desperately need.

We see this in operation when Elisha has a showdown with the forces behind Jezebel and Ahab. (1 Kings 18)

He establishes an altar of worship in the face of the enemy - an act of war against those principalities.

Fresh fire falls and God makes a spectacle of the enemy.

Oh, do we want and need that fresh fire!

(But attend to the fact that ALL gets consumed...even the dust.)

Drop in on the replay. Let the Spirit soak and speak to you.

Worship in Spirit and Truth. War righteously.

Call out for the fresh fire so this King of Months will be the Month of the King.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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