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Get Perspective, Positioned, & Promoted into Your Identity

The blessings and movement of this new month are powerful but to rightly align we must first shift our perspective.

Like chess, it requires an elevated view in order to 'see the whole board' to avoid reacting to the faints and forays of the enemy.

With perspective comes patience: For a pawn can be promoted to a queen if it is slowly and persistently moved across the board onto the opponent's baseline.

And so we see how God moves Esther from orphan to daughter to candidate to queen to emissary - progressive positions to promote and reveal her true identity.

Promotions can be exciting and/or terrifying - for they reveal a fuller identity that He set within us.

On occasion, He may even use promotion to draw the position and attack of the enemy so He can crush it.

Getting positioned, promoted, and revealed may feel overwhelming but stay the course.

God is The Ultimate Chess Master who sees the whole board and plays the very long game.

Finally, remember what the sages say about this month: When Arar comes, joy increases!

We celebrate His goodness, His promise, and His plans - even though we may not understand them.

But when our joy increases, our perspective shifts.

Then we can be rightly positioned for promotion to enter into fullness of identity.

And that brings even greater joy.

Ya gotta love how God has set this up!


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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