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Grab the Power of the Ascension!

God provides time-stamped revelation to empower us in these crazy times. Are we making full use of it?

Indeed, when Jesus ascended, our blessings exploded, but the fact of the gap between that day and Pentecost explodes in revelation as well.

Principle: Any gap of time, understanding, or His Presence always has potential danger AND opportunity.

The danger lies in the temptation of stop-gap measures that are all but irresistible and deadly.

If the disciples' 10-day gap had become 10 years: What then? Would they have waited? Would you?

But gaps also hold huge latent upsides: Jesus' intentional delay with Lazarus resulted in GREATER GLORY.

The blow-the-mind resurrection was far more than they knew possible but they had to navigate the gap to get that glory.

What's the gap you now negotiate and what greater glory may follow?

As to the explosion of blessings: Can you name and do you operate in all the blessings that were ignited by the Ascension?

We're told, 'forget not ALL His benefits,' (Ps. 103) yet we seem to be habitual amnesiacs.

Jesus was unequivocal in His declaration: It is to your advantage that I go away.

He tied that to the Presence of the Spirit, there was much more in store.

This is a holiday weekend - Take time to be a Berean.

Watch the replay, examine the scriptures: Determine to remember and walk in ALL the benefits He's provided.

In these crazy times, we can ill afford to leave any unopened and inactive.

It's time to grab ALL the Power of the Ascension: The Gap and the Glory.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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