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His Word (That You Are) Has Power & Its Own Time

No believer seriously doubts God's Words have corporeal power: And God said, 'Let there be...'

Yet we forget that the lives we live are likewise an utterance of God, set in time to be time-released when the promises prepared become palpable.

That's easy to agree in principle, but praying for something for, well... forever and without breakthrough: Yikes. How's that work?

Enter Zech and Lizzy: Righteous. Blameless. Barren. And old.

For decades

When Gabriel bursts in on his worship, Zech can't comprehend that his old, worn out prayer has traction. 

Despite his faith in Sarah's nonagenarian impregnation, it doesn't transfer to his life, his wife, his here and now.  

Much like us, hope delayed has become hope destroyed, and with it, resignation to the status quo of lack and loss.

Gabe's response is understandable: You won’t listen to me – fine. You won’t be able to hear. You won’t speak faith – fine. You won’t speak at all.

Gabe knows what Zech doesn't: That all his days were known beforehand with good works prepared to walk out, including this 'surprisingly late' child.

These were contained in the primary utterance of God that would become Zechariah, waiting and building in the wings with both expectation and certainty for the right time and place.

Can we let this grab us?

Steven Cole said, 'In the matter of faith and doubt, the crucial thing is not our feelings and not even our faith. The crucial thing is the object of our faith.'

He is the object of our faith, not our lack, and not even our prayers. His Word never returns void.

So then, remember that the fulness of the Word you are and are becoming has power, its own time, and will be manifest to His glory.

For before the foundation of the world, God had a Word.

And that Word was you.


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