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It's Time: Get Your Joy Jolt to Power Up

What an awesome celebration we had last night as we walked out the heart and core of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Yes, indeed, there was an abundant physical feast of amazing food and drink but that was a means to the end.

To 'rejoice before the Lord for 7 days' was not a suggestion from God. It is a directive to get refueled with the power of the joy-juice of the Spirit.

Why so critical? God links joy with peace so you can abound in hope.

These are interconnected so we may live in the fullness of the Life and the Joy of Jesus.

For He declared that His Joy can be in us and our joy can be bubbling up and brimming over.

Don't you need that right now?

Don't you want it?

All of this leads us back (again) to His Presence where there is fullness of joy.

Yet it amazes me, how many believers don't practice joy in His Presence.

Somehow somber, serious, and quietly measured and metered engagement has displaced the joy and laughter that stand in their own right before the Throne.

He is worthy of it ALL.

Not just your quiet reverence but also your unbridled laugh-till-you-snort kind of joy.

On these days on His calendar, He COMMANDS us to rejoice before Him.

Practice rejoicing. Practice having fun with Him.

Let it form a discipline to make the choice to rejoice each morning.

Tis true: The joy of the Lord is YOUR strength.

Get your joy-jolt and power up.


The very brief teaching is on YouTube.

The full Flight Deck replay with worship, testimonies, and the word is on Facebook.


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