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Tip of the Spear: Blunt It or Blaze It Brightly

This 3rd month is about the God’s Tip of the Spear breaking in and open ‘what was’ to make room for ‘what can be.’

Makes sense: God sets many 3’s in place but it’s the 3rd that becomes the tip of the spear.

Father, Son, Spirit: Fully unified but it is the Spirit who is sent to be present and move in the earth.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob: Fully aligned but it is Jacob who fathers the 12 and is renamed, Israel.

Peter, James, John: Intimate allies but it is John who writes the gospel and Revelations. (20% of the NT.)

Likewise, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun: Always the first 3 in assembly, marching, and worship.

But it is Zebulun, the business tribe, who is ‘blessed in their going out’ into the marketplace where they establish new communities.

In this 3rd month at Sinai, the Tip of the Spear broke in by the Presence, Voice, and Word... and all trembled.

In this 3rd month in Jerusalem, the Tip of the Spear broke it open by the Wind, Sound, and Fire of the Spirit... and all were shaken.

Watch when and where God will loose His Tip of the Spear this month. Call for it.

When it breaks in and around us, how will we respond?

Will we blunt it or bless and bear it brightly?

And when you are FLUNG OUT as His tip of the spear, don't hold anything back:



Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Full replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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