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You Are NOT Grounded - Stop Acting Like It

As believers, we don't doubt our salvation. Maybe some rare crisis, a momentary setback, but we bat it away and keep rolling.

But when it comes to moving in our full authority, we are so often hammered by the enemy that we become passive rather than powerful.

Sure we KNOW theologically that 'He made us sit together in the heavenly places,' but we don't ACT like it.

The accuser assails that we are unqualified to occupy such a seat and administer the Kingdom over our sphere.

And all too often, we agree with him.

His specific strategy varies, using one tactic when we're tender-hearted; another when we're hard-headed.

But the end game is always the same: Keep you sidelined, in theological debate, navel gazing or in fear.

Anything to make you feel unqualified.

But there is a far better word...

Last night at the Deck we addressed these attacks with God's massive counterpunch found Zech 1-3.

These passages are time-stamped for this very week and a timely reminder and motivator.

We forget that our qualification to move in full authority is all about Him and NOT about us.

Do NOT let the accuser sideline you from your assigned seat and functions for the Kingdom.

You ARE qualified for this Upgrade in authority. You are NOT grounded.

Stop acting like it and choose to advance.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube. (Teaching part 50 min.)

Replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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