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Okay...What can I expect? Why is this different?


The people who gather here are remarkably diverse.  Age, race, backgrounds, economics, etc, etc. - a whole spectrum, really.  Some come with little knowledge of Jesus or church while others are lifelong and committed Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Charismatics, Pentecostals, and 'patchwork quilts.'   The range runs small kids to grandparents, singles to families, doctors to dropouts, questioning to confident.  We really LIKE that mix.  It opens our eyes.           


So, why do they come here?  The common thread is a hunger for more of the real Jesus and all that He has.  A deep sense that there is more to Faith and more to Life and they need it without religous veneer.  


We joke that most of these folks are 'double-dippers.'  That means that they go somewhere else on Sunday but then show up here to learn and grow in areas that are taught in the bible but not where they attend.  We go into scripture to dig into the whole counsel of God and many are surprised at what's been there all along.  'Why has no one told me this before? It's been here in the bible all along.'  This is a fairly common remark. 


Here's a sampling of the areas we expand for them...

Fighting the fight of faith


Most of our folks know their bible well but many have never been trained about dealing with the enemy and how to fight the fight of faith in spiritual warfare.  The enemy has tried to keep this hidden from you.  It's always been in the bible.  We just we're quite sure what to do with it. 


We're realists here.  We're practical.  We teach and train this as a normal, everyday activity.   There is not a devil behind every bush and there is nothing to be afraid of - but there are things to be aware of and things you can do about it all.  Most folks have been getting hammered for years and they just thought it was a part of life.  Time to stop the abuse and start pushing back.

The Kingdom of God: More than 'church'


There's a lot of confusion

Understanding times and seasons


If you were getting married, you'd likely go find verses on marriage.  If your friend was to have a kid, you'd find then scriptures on being a parent, right?  We're pretty good at pulling God's Word into our time and life events.  But what if God had a calendar with events and teaching on it so you could align with Him in His time?


God's done that - and it's right in your bible.  He has calendar there with appointments.  He counts off the months and highlights in HIs word areas to attend to.  We'll show you the scripture and you can decide how that speaks into your life.

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