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Time for a new model - a new strategy

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USN photo by Dylan McCord. Public domain.

There's an odd thing that happens when people who are trying to follow Jesus get together.  It quickly begins to look and sound like the cultural 'church' they've been around all their lives.  For many that is fine.


But for us...we were hungry for something new, fresh, more lively and alive.  So we started this. 


We didn't want to build some thing - we simply wanted people to get what they need so they could fulfill the design God imprinted upon them.  To see them free from old baggage and limited understanding of life and faith and the battle they're in.  A place where they could understand how God is moving in the world and in them in this time and season and re-sync in His timing.  All this, so they can go back to their assigned places and positively impact them with life and light.


We were walking that out and trying to define it when a friend said to me, 'You know, you're not like a traditional church - you're more like an aircraft carrier.  People fly in and get what they need for their mission and then they fly back out into their assigned spheres.'


My brain exploded and my heart leapt at the truth of this new model.  In the images below you'll see the basics of how we think this works.  We do most things that a 'church' would do but we have a different way of seeing ourselves and how God wants us to operate.


By the way...we don't have issues with how others gather: It's just not how we're supposed to move forward.


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