Interesting things happen when you chase The Wild Goose. (Celts' name for Holy Spirit.)

So, He started with Jesus when He breathed out and said, 'Receive the Holy Spirit.'  Check.

Then to Pentecost when it began with the sound of a mighty wind.... C...

There's some real expectation in the Body right now.  Rightly so.  

God is moving in this midst of the craziness of COVID and this last Passover was a true Passover as we have seen no other.  

And now this time aligns with major biblical even...

It was in this second month that God started the foundation of the 2nd temple. 

Unlike Solomon's, it was not begun in peace and prosperity, but in a virtual war zone.  

Some celebrated...some grieved. Hard for many to compare old grandeur of peaceful times to ba...

Let's keep this short and simple. 

Obviously, we have all crossed into a new day.  The battle plan you deployed in your wilderness ain't what's required in your Promised Land.

And you are accountable for what's next.  

Israel had a part to play in tak...

How goes the war?  You know, the battles that you're fighting? The battles you should be fighting?

Do you have the strategies for this time so you can do your part to advance the Kingdom?  

God links two battles RIGHT NOW so that we align with His desi...

Never before in our lives has there been such a time as this.  

What we do now, how we respond, upon what we gaze and focus, on what we long for - these produce trajectories for us and generations to follow.


At sundown we cross into God's 2n...