Each year at this time we pay close attention to God's prophetic triggers in scripture to discern what's coming in the new biblical year.     

Based on what we discerned last year, the nature of the assaults against the nation and the church this year w...

Repentance is an extraordinary key to healing - for nations as well as for individuals. 

It signals an alignment of Heaven and Earth and a turning into the heart of the Father.  It marks a point of  restoration and renewal.

And it is the core purpose of this cur...

The King IS in the field. 

And on the battlefield He meets us as the Commander of the Heavenly Host

That's great news - but it raises questions as to our fitness for the current battle. 

Last night we examined the spiritual parallels in each of the descriptive...

This is a powerful and important month we've entered.  

Will you shift to meet Him on His terms or just continue on as you have? 

The shofar is blown each morning this month as a wake up call.

In response we find the Presence uniquely near, tender, available and...

This is not simply an uncomfortable time for the nation.  We're on the brink.  

Your faith dare not be passive - your prayers dare not be faint.  

Your voice dare not be silent.

Caleb's courage is linked to this month when his entire nation was on...

Okay....well that is, perhaps, the ugliest graphic I've created - but it reveals something important. 

8 years ago God showed me the release of these, our assigned headwaters.  He sustained them and is now increasing the flow. 

But I had yet to comprehend t...

Fake news and the wild spread of a virus?

That sums up the rebellion at Kadesh Barnea in Numbers 13/14 and it aligns with this very month. 

The fake news of the 'majority report' (10 spies) swept over Israel in just one night and fear spread like a wildfire...

What's your risk threshold?  Really?  

Are you willing to show up and be transparent to your core?  Willing to allow Him to show up or you fall flat?  

Willing to release the fly bar of a trapeze, dangle in mid air...without a safety net?  


It's an odd thing.  

Never would I have linked together the date our nation was formed with the date when God confronted Israel with her idolatry. (Gold calf) 

But there it is - and it's a bit haunting. 

I'm still taking this to Him - What does it all mean?...

At some point, I should no longer be so stunned by the way in which God's calendar specifically illuminates the time we're in.  

Yet here I am....amazed again. 

How do YOU see these times? What lens or filter are you wearing? 

First Fruits honors what G...

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