Coming into Divine Order: Perceive, Prevail and Party!

To read the book of Esther is to witness a monstrous chess match marshaled by God against His enemy. And it is central to this 12th biblical month. What was it like to be IN that match like some piece on the board? And don't we sometimes feel like that? The crazy twists and turns when it seems as if God is there one minute and then, oops, wait....did we miss Him? The key perspective to move forward in life, as it is in chess, is to 'see the whole board.' Hard, that, when it's up close and personal....But completely necessary. We have access to that view - we need that view. Lose that perspective and it can be game-over. But then what? Perspective leads to action. Naph

Eight words to break the limits off

The Glory within. The Fire around. No limits. Here's what we covered at the Deck this week: How Glory radiates out like a wave The variety of manifestation God's Presence v. Glory Quiet v. loud Our Moses' veil problem The pious fraud: We have no misgivings about Jesus We're like circus elephants If you know all that already, no worries and no need to watch the replay. If might help. Eight words: The Glory within. The Fire around. No limits. Breakthrough awaits. Not as a mindless mantra but a thoughtful declaration of His Word - a conscious decision to realign with Truth as you go. As always - your choice: Break the limits or not. But wh

Can His Glory be in us if His Passion is not?

We all have favorite verses - those that speak life every time we hear them. Zechariah contains a powerful one and it's linked to this very month. "I will be a wall of fire around her and I will be the glory in her midst." Who doesn't want that to be true? Yet while His love is unconditional, this kind of manifest presence is not. And this one should come with a warning label It's easy to miss the passion, zeal, and jealousy that are the fuel behind this Fire. That level of protection mandates we host this kind of glory. But are we....willing? Easy enough to quip, 'Oh, yeah...sure. No problem. Of course.' Yet too often have we dulled the serrated edge of His fevered pass

Just a wee bit of wind...

So sorry you missed it. Last night at The Deck the wind rocked...and knocked out the electric power just as we were about to begin. Some quick adjustments to the pitch black and we pressed on. And, just like Jehovah Sneaky, that's when the real power started to roll. Funny what candlelight and lanterns, worship and word, prophesy and prayer can do with a group of rain-soaked, Spirit-saturated people. God showed up and the weight was palpable. It was like the early gatherings of the Body - storm outside, Spirit inside - moving and causing all things to work together for good. Everyone had a song, hymn, psalm, word of prophecy, testimony or encouragement. There was join

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