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Can His Glory be in us if His Passion is not?

We all have favorite verses - those that speak life every time we hear them. Zechariah contains a powerful one and it's linked to this very month.

"I will be a wall of fire around her and I will be the glory in her midst." Who doesn't want that to be true? Yet while His love is unconditional, this kind of manifest presence is not. And this one should come with a warning label

It's easy to miss the passion, zeal, and jealousy that are the fuel behind this Fire. That level of protection mandates we host this kind of glory. But are we....willing?

Easy enough to quip, 'Oh, yeah...sure. No problem. Of course.' Yet too often have we dulled the serrated edge of His fevered passion by our patterns both rote and routine. We pare the claws and temper the teeth.

Trust me that I'm not trying to steer anyone clear of asking for this. I simply feel that we, the church, fail to fathom the ferocity of His Heart. And without that passion pulsing in us, what kind of glory-substance do we schlep?

Most folks don't/won't have/make the time to watch the replay. So then maybe just hangout in Zech 1:14, Dt. 34:14 and John 2:17. Can you perceive that all the promises that flow in Zechariah - His protection, glory, breaking limits, drawing of you and nations - all of this is based upon the passion, power, persistence, instance, zeal, jealousy and the virtual violence of His heart? If we are to carry this, His glory, then we must likewise bear His Passion. They cannot be separated. Neither should we.

Stephen Replay of the teaching, here.

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