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So who are we and where did we come from?


We are a scrappy group of God’s people networked together to see the Kingdom break open in this region and around the world.  Those who are a part of this come from many different life experiences and church backgrounds.


They are leaders and individuals hungry to learn how they can move in an awareness and expansion of the Kingdom of God.


TFO provides biblically based teaching, training, direction and empowerment so they can help expand their vision and the vision of congregations and organizations and impact the respective spheres of which they are a part.

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Senior Leader 

I have 25 years of experience in the business world.  Eleven of those were with a Fortune 500 company and four years with an Inc. 500 company.  I've done sales, marketing, communications, branding, corporate culture development, strategic planning, training and consulting.  That keeps me grounded in dealing with the 'real world' and it gives a different kind of edge to talk about Truth without getting religious.


I've also been walking with Jesus since age 13 and even earned my masters degree in theology from the largest seminary in the country.   These give me a great foundation in pressing into God's word in the original languages and that helps me stay grounded in truth.  I was commissioned to lead and minister by Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner and we are aligned with Global Spheres out of Texas.


At our weekly gatherings called The Deck, you'll get to watch how I walk us into the Word.  (Check the blog section to see some video.)  I have a lot of one-on-one meetings all week to mentor leaders in the ways of God to expand His Kingdom.  


engage the conversation


'Life medic? What's that?'  'And what's with the hangers?'

I'm the lead person for walking people into greater wholeness.  Most of my week is spent in intensive one-on-ones with people for prayer ministry. That's a process where God shows us places where people got off track from the joy, peace and glory that He planned for them.  That's a lot like cleaning out the closet of old garments - identities that we took on to cope, but actually took us away from the unique glory we were to carry.  God prepared me for many years for this work and I was ordained and commissioned by Chuck Pierce and Doris Wagner and am aligned with Global Spheres in Texas.

I am constantly amazed and impressed to see how God works with people - how He will reveal the issues and then how He works to get each person whole and free. 

'Life Medic'



Everyone has a part to play...

All those who are connected to this 'carrier' model have assignments that are both within and beyond the scope of the carrier itself.  Here's just a few examples:


Scottie - Think of Scottie as the our chief of radar.  That's because she is remarkable in the area of prayer and intercession and is our lead intercessor.  If you need prayer over something - anything - we'll want to be sure she's in the loop.


Bill - Bill oversees the outreach to the maximum security prison.   When you read your bible you know that God does amazing work in prisons - clearly He engages people in that setting to shift lives and destinies.  The men we know in this prison who walk with Jesus often show and teach us as much about deep faith and hope as we try to show them.  In Jesus they are allies in the fight to see the Kingdom of God expand.


Dave and Connie - SWAT Team coordination.  (Spiritual Warfare and Angelic Thunder.)  When we have specific events and assignments Dave and Connie coordinate the assembly and deployment of a team to press it through.  These are powerful short term configurations.

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