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The Flight Deck

This is what we call our gathering together on Thursday nights to celebrate life and THE Life in the midst of it all.  We bring the truth of who we are and engage the full TRUTH of who He is.  There is freedom here to worship, to be still, to laugh and to learn the depths of God's word and to connect with others as allies and friends.  This is a place where we want you to bring your gifts, skills, and passions and learn better how to walk in those.  This is not about perfection or performance.  We learn how walk, run, rest, and fly.
This is NOT who we are...

But sometimes this is how we feel when we start to gather.   But as we gather and connect and press into His Presence,  we remember that while we can be like sheep that He calls us His friends, His ambassadors, and His soldiers and we've been fully adopted into the famly.


When we come together we become reoriented to who He says we are so we can approach Him in confidence.

Worship....Genuine & 'all in.'

There has to be more freedom in worship.  Here that means you can sit, stand, be still, move....this isn't about performance - it isn't about appearances.  This is about you and God, face-to-face, and that works differently for different people at different times.

Teach, train, equip...

Hey, it's a bit tough out there so we want all the tools of the toolbox. We're here to engage the WHOLE counsel of God in all of it's beauty and it's danger.  That means we're looking to be fully equipped.


It's our job to help connect the dots.  "So what?' is question we want to answer each time we gather.  It's not enough to dig in and see what's there.  We want to see how that translates into this time and this place so we can move foward with God.

Engage and support...

This isn't a spectator sport.  We're here to engage each other in ways so that everyone keeps moving forward. 


None of us has all the answers.  No one has it all wired.  All of us have a part to play in the process where God is making us more whole and ready to engage the world he created.

We gather to honor the King

Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  We do not succeed if we have not met with Him personally in this time.  To host the Presence of the King is our highest goal.


We so done with 'having meetings.'  Information without transformation is just no longer acceptable.  It is His Presence that shifts things - shifts us.  So we seek His Presence each time we meet.

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