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We engage all of God's word
To 'engage' - not just glance off

                    We want more.  We won't simply 'glance' off Truth, God's Presence or each other any more.



In most settings we're  a lot like steel ball bearings, just glancing off each other and more and more information.  It's hard to connect and so we just keep bouncing into and off of more people and ideas.  Nothing has real traction or affect.


We want more.  This means we have to be more like gears or cogs so there are places where other people and ideas can connect and get traction.  This comes from a level of candor about all of life and all of faith.  Then we can truly interact and help each other move forward and change.  This is what we mean by 'engage.'

We engage each other: We're real, broken, in process but advancing

We're not looking for 'perfect people,' we're aligning with those who know they've got issues but are still moving forward into wholeness.


Masks that we try to wear simply get in the way.  We need to be in truth to get the full measure of what God has for us.

We choose to engage the WHOLE counsel of God.  It's a wild Word and it's alive and vibrant and active.  We want to deal with all of it and let all of it deal with all of us.  We try to strip away years of religious veneer and look at what it says and we're committed to 'not traffic in unlived truth.'


Sometimes we just don't understand it....not yet, anyway.  We're honest about it.  We do find constant new surprises as God shows us things we'd never seen before.  So we work to connect the dots in real time.  'So what?' is a question we always ask - and God has an answer for those who want to move forward with Him.

We engage the culture fully

Too often those who want to follow Jesus have gone to one extreme or the other.  Either they pulled completely away from the culture and simply stood back to judge and criticize or they are consumed and absorbed into it and they lose all distinction.


We want to bring flavor, zest, and positive change.  In order to do that, we have to engage it.  That means stay connected, aware, and active.  We think that's what Jesus had in mind when He directed us to be salt and light in the world.

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