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The Gap and the "Missing" Work of Christ

What?!?! What 'missing' work of Christ? It's not what He left undone - but it is what we miss when we fail to engage the totality of His three-fold work. Not surprising: We, the church, have a long history of not presenting the whole counsel of God. We pick and chose and often overlook the whole picture. (And we have help.)

God has given us all the tools - like some amazing Swiss Army knife. Yet most believers live by just one blade - unaware of the other tools or uninformed on how to use them. Not you - right? Pop quiz: Q 1: Good Friday this year (Passover) - Were you keenly aware of it's significance? Do you carry that with you still? Q 2: Resurrection Sunday (called Easter by some) - Were you very aware of it's significance and do you carry the power of that with you now?

Q 3: And yesterday, on the day of His Ascension - how aware were you of that? You know all that He accomplished for you in that event? Is the truth and promise and power of that informing, directing and pulsing in you today?

Yeah....Thought so. It's typically been relegated the status of a footnote or segue to something. Not really all that significant in and of itself. Ever try to sit on a 3-leg stool with one of the legs missing? Thought not. Similarly, the Crucifixion, Resurrection, AND Ascension bring the whole work to us, provided we lay hold of what's there. Please don't think that this is a religious thing. Not looking to ramp up some observance of days. But this is powerfully practical.

There are weapons of warfare here and if we do not get the full impact of the full work of Jesus we're delighting the enemy and harming ourselves. Not going to go through a list of all that is connected to what Jesus secured, showed, promised, released, and empowered by His Ascension right here.

It's intense and worth more than the 2 minutes it's taken to read this. The replay will take you through it.

Oh, and as to the Gap - There are keys within the work of the Ascension to get you through the gaps that are upon you. If applied, they will shift you to hear your gaps speak of a future promised and not a void begging relief. Meanwhile, just remember that like so much of what God has done for us, THERE IS MORE! Sure, you can squeeze by and hack away at life with that one blade. But why...when He's paid for it all? Stephen Replay from this Deck teaching, click here.

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