The Battle Is Intense: Time to GAD up!

The King IS in the field. And on the battlefield He meets us as the Commander of the Heavenly Host. That's great news - but it raises questions as to our fitness for the current battle. Last night we examined the spiritual parallels in each of the descriptive words used to describe Gad (1 Chron. 12.) For instance - They left comfort and stability to follow the anointing in the wilderness. They were strong and skilled in two specific weapons: One defensive; one offensive. They knew both how to be fierce and how to be fluid...etc., etc. And you...? Many more touch points and deeper questions that the Lord brought before us. Please invest the time to watch and compare your readines

He's Waiting: Seek Him While He May Be Found

This is a powerful and important month we've entered. Will you shift to meet Him on His terms or just continue on as you have? The shofar is blown each morning this month as a wake up call. In response we find the Presence uniquely near, tender, available and absolutely necessary for this time. We are now in the 40-day countdown to the high, holy Day of Atonement - the one day when one man would brave the Veil to bring the Blood for the sins of the entire nation. Yes, Jesus entered once and for all into that place in heaven. But it remains on God's calendar for us that we might be anchored in the requisite of repentance and the power and priority of the Blood. And know this: I

We're All Accountable

This is not simply an uncomfortable time for the nation. We're on the brink. Your faith dare not be passive - your prayers dare not be faint. Your voice dare not be silent. Caleb's courage is linked to this month when his entire nation was on the brink. He faced off 2 million and they wanted to stone him for it. But he knew what he saw - the milk AND the giants. AND He knew what he believed. So he SPOKE. Jesus has said that you are the light of the world and that no one sticks that light under a bushel. Why, then, are bushels selling hand over fist? They muffle the voices of many who carry the light. But where and how you speak is paramount. There is more than ample so

Headwaters and Allies in War

Okay....well that is, perhaps, the ugliest graphic I've created - but it reveals something important. 8 years ago God showed me the release of these, our assigned headwaters. He sustained them and is now increasing the flow. But I had yet to comprehend the effective 'DNA' of these headwaters: Grace and Truth. Hope and Honor. Worship and Warfare. Each pair is like two sides of a coin. You cannot move in one without the other. Grace and Truth are the first pair and they permeate everything. We remain unequivocally committed to be, as Jesus was, 'FULL of grace and truth.' (BTW: Do not just nod your head, 'Oh, yeah. Sure.' Each of these carries a price for each is Kingdom currenc

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