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He's Waiting: Seek Him While He May Be Found

This is a powerful and important month we've entered. Will you shift to meet Him on His terms or just continue on as you have?

The shofar is blown each morning this month as a wake up call. In response we find the Presence uniquely near, tender, available and absolutely necessary for this time. We are now in the 40-day countdown to the high, holy Day of Atonement - the one day when one man would brave the Veil to bring the Blood for the sins of the entire nation.

Yes, Jesus entered once and for all into that place in heaven. But it remains on God's calendar for us that we might be anchored in the requisite of repentance and the power and priority of the Blood. And know this: In this unprecedented shaking of our nation, we all, as the church, must do our part. This is no time to live in a small story and buy the lie that as one person you're too insignificant to tip the balance in national events.

These scriptures, linked to this month, show some of what is at stake:

  • The risk that His Glory progressively withdraws and judgment follows. (Ezek. 8-11)

  • The material ramifications of not honoring Him first. (Haggai 1)

  • The assaults loosed against you to keep you from completing your assigned work. (Neh. 6)

God has a people called to intercede. That would be us. Yet we must do so on His terms and in this, His time. Relax. This is no onerous endeavor before a tightfisted tyrant. It's a summons to soak in the Presence of the One Whose Glory is drenched in Mercy and Might. The King waits in your field. Call for Him. Watch for Him. Run to Him. Repent and return. Do your part that God might heal this land. Stephen Replay of this teaching on YouTube. Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

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