We've Not Been This Way Before

HUGE month on God's calendar. So many anchor points that bring life. The Big Three 'Crossings' - Out of Egypt into wilderness with Moses; out of the wilderness into the Promise with Joshua, and; out of bondage, death and condemnation through Jesus. Powerful, compelling, encouraging anchors with the Blood of Lamb covering all. Yet I was drawn most forcibly to Joshua and the command to follow the Ark into and across the Jordan, for 'you have not passed this way before.' (Josh 3) Suddenly, THAT spoke into what we're all walking through. But what's the key with the Ark on point? Sometimes it's less about knowing where it's all going and more about what we carry as we step forward.

Punch Today in the Face

It's an extraordinary time to serve our extraordinary God. We cannot navigate the current state of crazy as the world does. YOUR world is watching how you respond. As my father taught me, 'What you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.' Are you responding distinctively? How so? Last night at The Deck I walked us through two basic areas: The larger prophetic context within God's time. Specific things we can do to punch today in the face. This is a practical teaching with recommendations of what to do now to reflect how your heart is aligned with God. When so many are running around like their hair's on fire, we chose to pause rather than panic. We tried to strea

You gotta watch this - You'll thank me

So, this is (relatively) brief because I wanted you to have the link for the replay asap. Author Ruthie Young did a phenomenal job communicating about the redemptive gifts of Romans 12. I like to call them your 'wiring' because it's how you see and process things. But the reason you need to watch the replay is that God uses Ruthie in a very unusual way... There is an amazing heart-imprint that happens as you watch. (Hard to describe but you will get it.) This is an overview and introduction to the gifts and this Saturday, Mar. 14 - 9 to 3 she will dive into the specifics on each wiring. There is no charge to attend and lunch will be provided. If you plan to attend it

The Necessary Freedom of Inner Healing

In a month when we need to see the whole board, sometimes we forget to do the same with our inner life. It's easy to get caught in the immediate crisis in one part of our hearts and miss out how God is working in another. He wants you whole, because He loves ALL of you. As the Sanfords have stated, 'Inner-healing is like Evangelism, a ministry to bring the Gospel to those parts of a believer's heart that have not yet fully believed and cooperated with Jesus.' Last night God did through Kim what He loves to do: He blew our doors off. Not with a big bang, but by a persistent plying of truth into all the edges of our frame. Lots of laughter around boatloads of insight walking through

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