Don't Look Back, Don't Pine for What Was - Pivot into His Plan with Expectation

Never before in our lives has there been such a time as this. What we do now, how we respond, upon what we gaze and focus, on what we long for - these produce trajectories for us and generations to follow. Overstatement? At sundown we cross into God's 2nd biblical month - the hinge month or pivot point in scripture for God's people. It's the time and journey of Israel to Mt. Sinai and the disciples to the upper room. More than just getting there, it's how they navigate the pivot points along the way. Israel pivots repeatedly back to longing for Egypt and sets a pattern of unbelief that dooms an entire generation and brings a reproach on God. The path of the 500+ disciples tha

My Concern Is Not Whether God Is On Our Side...

Clearly, we've crossed into a new era. Even more so now that we've come through Passover. Now what? When Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promise, it was a whole new ballgame for them as well. After 40 years in wilderness there were things that God walked them through so they could inherit ALL He had for them. The first was to cut off the reproach of Egypt: The stigma on them of slavery and disobedient wandering. What about it? Most of us will have some old reproach/shame that needs to be addressed. It's time for that to go. Then God had them celebrate Passover in the new land so they would come back under the Blood and never forget how they got free. Remaining consciously

He Is With Us But We Must Prepare

You know the critical nature of this time in the natural. It's also structurally significant in the Spirit. We're 5 days away from Passover - a pivotal event unlike any Passover we've experienced. So, are you prepared to cross? There is a danger zone involved. In biblical history we see that the danger for Israel was intensified in the time just before and just after crossing over. Whether crossing over into freedom or over into destiny: The danger of lacking the right heart and mindset are real. Last night at the Deck, we looked at God's directives to Israel in preparation for both crossings. There are real and practical areas of focus that are drawn down from the directives

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