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My Concern Is Not Whether God Is On Our Side...

Clearly, we've crossed into a new era. Even more so now that we've come through Passover. Now what? When Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promise, it was a whole new ballgame for them as well. After 40 years in wilderness there were things that God walked them through so they could inherit ALL He had for them.

The first was to cut off the reproach of Egypt: The stigma on them of slavery and disobedient wandering. What about it? Most of us will have some old reproach/shame that needs to be addressed. It's time for that to go.

Then God had them celebrate Passover in the new land so they would come back under the Blood and never forget how they got free. Remaining consciously and consistently under the blood of the Lamb is non-negotiable for all God's people, particularly as we enter into the new.

Thirdly, He shifted how their provision would flow. The day after they celebrated Passover, the manna stopped and they ate from the produce of the land. How is God shifting your provision? Watch, look, see what He does.

Then this major recalibration when Joshua asked if He was on their side or the adversary's. Wrong question. The real question was, 'Were they on HIS?' As this time of crazy and new continues, be wary to walk in the dangerous presumption that God is 'on our side.' Wrong perspective. It's HIS side, His agenda. As God's people we must first be conquered by Him afresh before we're ever used to conquer anything else.

These extraordinary times require a lot of recalibration. Do NOT search for a new normal: Stay in His process. Walk with God through these 4 areas so you can be fully aligned with His movement in the earth:

  • What reproach must go? (Everybody will have one.)

  • Are you under The Blood consciously and continually?

  • Can you see how He is shifting provision?

  • Will you allow Him to conquer you afresh and all petty agenda?

Stay in His flow. He's moving. Stephen Replay is up on YouTube and Facebook.

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