God Drops His Plumb Line

The Day of Atonement is Monday. God drops His plumb line, yet again, into the midst of His own people. Atonement requires a Scapegoat and Sacrifice, both of which The Holy God provides. And in this very act He asserts afresh that He demands genuine holiness of His people. To be holy is to be set aside, as our relationship with Him is a marriage covenant and one of consummate claim upon us. Jesus did not die simply to 'save' us but that we might live 'behind the veil' in an intimacy and fidelity that few dare believe they may embrace or, perhaps, endure. Yet He makes the way. Our dear friend Jim Shadrick frequently quoted, "To get one good marriage, it takes two good funerals." To enter this

You Need These for the Battle Ahead

Each year at this time we pay close attention to God's prophetic triggers in scripture to discern what's coming in the new biblical year. Based on what we discerned last year, the nature of the assaults against the nation and the church this year were not that surprising. And so, once again, God is handing us tools we need to perceive and engage the battle into which we're turning. Sorry, but there is no way I can take what was covered last night and boil it down to a few pithy sentences. For now, and for all of those who have not the time or inclination to catch the replay, all I can say is, 'HEADS UP!' We will see battles even more intense than those current and with

Turning Into The Heart of The Father

Repentance is an extraordinary key to healing - for nations as well as for individuals. It signals an alignment of Heaven and Earth and a turning into the heart of the Father. It marks a point of restoration and renewal. And it is the core purpose of this current biblical month. It's not surprising, therefore, that God would bring Daphne Swilling back to articulate His heart and the progress in healing of the First Nations people of Georgia. For in so doing, it will break the curse of broken covenant off this land. If you've never met her, well, Daphne is a great ball of fire! And, no wonder: Her persistence and determination were imperative to stay on point and see the Joint R

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