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Turning Into The Heart of The Father

Repentance is an extraordinary key to healing - for nations as well as for individuals. It signals an alignment of Heaven and Earth and a turning into the heart of the Father. It marks a point of restoration and renewal. And it is the core purpose of this current biblical month.

It's not surprising, therefore, that God would bring Daphne Swilling back to articulate His heart and the progress in healing of the First Nations people of Georgia. For in so doing, it will break the curse of broken covenant off this land. If you've never met her, well, Daphne is a great ball of fire! And, no wonder: Her persistence and determination were imperative to stay on point and see the Joint Resolution passed by the state government in June.

Watch the replay - catch His passion. See how the heart of the Father has drawn these things together for this exact moment in history. But then lean forward: There is more to be done and you have a role to play. An upcoming ceremony, yet to be scheduled, to be anchored by an eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart exchange between key governmental leaders and tribal chiefs.

THIS is where restoration dawns. How do we know? David learned it in 2 Sam. 21 - 'And after that God heeded the prayer for the land.' Take that biblical principle seriously. Turn into the heart of the Father and bring this with you. Ask that the government of Heaven and that of earth align.

Healing and restoration will follow. Stephen Replay of this Deck work is on YouTube. Replay of the entire evening is on Facebook.

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