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You Need These for the Battle Ahead

Each year at this time we pay close attention to God's prophetic triggers in scripture to discern what's coming in the new biblical year. Based on what we discerned last year, the nature of the assaults against the nation and the church this year were not that surprising. And so, once again, God is handing us tools we need to perceive and engage the battle into which we're turning.

Sorry, but there is no way I can take what was covered last night and boil it down to a few pithy sentences. For now, and for all of those who have not the time or inclination to catch the replay, all I can say is, 'HEADS UP!' We will see battles even more intense than those current and with no holds barred. And yet, here's the thing: The biggest danger may be from covert attacks that are quiet, persistent, and patient. Those aimed at seducing and stealing the hearts of the unaware.

BUT.... God has also set before us stunning points of strength, encouragement, practical applications and tools so we are able to align with Him. Why bother? Because we are not to be '...unaware of his schemes.' (II Cor. 2) Do you know the schemes, strategies and tactics of the enemy that are coming? Become aware.

And be encouraged! There is so much this year about His identity and therefore, our identity-in-Him. But it is up to you to pick up the tools, make them your own, and step into your part of the battle.

Once again - this ain't no stunningly elegant message of style and turn of phrase. It's a 'sip from the fire hose.' Or maybe more a gulp. But we need this perspective. Watch the replay. Understand the biblical anchoring of what is said. Be a Berean: Do the work. Let Him bring these prophetic triggers to your awareness so WHEN YOU TURN TO NOTICE He can speak to you as He did with Moses, Abraham, Jeremiah and Jesus. This will not be a year to survive: There is far more to be accomplished. He is, after all, the Aleph-Tau, Beginning and End. Elohim. Adonai. El Shaddai, The Father, The Lion. The ONE. And He's showing up as all of those. And us? Well...we're with Him. Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube. 2 Replays of this entire evening on Facebook - with a gap between them.

(With apologies on FB live stream - lost internet part way through. It restarted but a 10 minute section is missing. Best get the teaching via YouTube.)

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