In the Fight, Hear What the Spirit Is Saying

At some point, I should no longer be so stunned by the way in which God's calendar specifically illuminates the time we're in. Yet here I am....amazed again. How do YOU see these times? What lens or filter are you wearing? First Fruits honors what God has done in the past month and then gives us biblical anchors to align our sight for the month we're in. These are like powerful lenses whereby we discern directions, warnings, how to move, what to avoid and how to align to effectively be a blessing and receive His blessing. The key event in this 4th month is the Golden Calf Crisis. We think we 'get it' and move on... But In this time, pay specific attention to leadership - Two bro

What's Your Father's Day Gift to Him?

Connecting to the deep heart of The Father is what Jesus brought and bought. But for many of us, the enemy has woven a dark web around our perception of Father's Heart and it keeps us on the fringe rather than in the fullness. Don't think that's an issue for you? So you have no fear, stress, or hesitation in full obedience? Hmmm. It's subtle, insidious, and widespread; it cripples our ability to transit the True Father's Heart to the world. The toughest lies to confront are those from the earliest days: Deep, visceral imprints made when we were too small to process or push back the assault. Unseen and unknown they are the gravity that filters and forms the doubts, reservations

Your 'Cornelius' Is Waiting

Acts 10 is the story of the conversion of Peter. A Spirit-led progression that yanks him out of his errant theology and thrusts him beyond the fear of the Jerusalem jury that would hear of this radical path. It is a chapter for our time. It is a chapter for each of us. Simply stated: It is God's bottom-up plan to move a people and a nation from division to destiny. The early church was diligent to pray for ALL those in authority - even as they were targets and scapegoats. Yet their prayers were entwined with a simple, dangerous, daily determination to demonstrate the fullness of the Kingdom. Wherever they went. Whoever they met. Regardless the response. Acts of justice. Ac

We Must See Clearly the Breaking In of Kingdom

Crazy times. Challenging times. Scary times. But we are NOT to see things in the natural; We are to discern with a Kingdom mindset so we align with His movement on the earth. The Kingdom IS breaking forward in places and ways that make us uncomfortable. That is not His problem - but it is ours. God did not cause the COVID crisis. He did not cause George Floyd to die. But He IS moving through these dynamics to shift hearts, minds, prayers and the culture to align with His Heart's desire - His Kingdom agenda. This teaching was a hard one for me - painful even. It's about The Kingdom coming in ways we desperately need but often do not understand. The enemy is afraid and very

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