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Your 'Cornelius' Is Waiting

Acts 10 is the story of the conversion of Peter. A Spirit-led progression that yanks him out of his errant theology and thrusts him beyond the fear of the Jerusalem jury that would hear of this radical path. It is a chapter for our time. It is a chapter for each of us. Simply stated: It is God's bottom-up plan to move a people and a nation from division to destiny.

The early church was diligent to pray for ALL those in authority - even as they were targets and scapegoats. Yet their prayers were entwined with a simple, dangerous, daily determination to demonstrate the fullness of the Kingdom. Wherever they went. Whoever they met. Regardless the response. Acts of justice. Acts of mercy. Acts that were humble in motive, presentation and persistence. All acts of the Spirit of God.

Yes, we will see laws changed and some injustices corrected. Change is necessary. But far beyond the issue of law is that of the heart. Hearts are not changed by law but by personal experience and encounter with the Spirit of God made manifest. And His desire, as with Peter, is to be carried by willing vessels; unabashed, unhindered, and unadulterated.

God is calling us all up into brilliant anonymity. Not to be splashed across the news, but to be poured into the life of this one here, that one there, and even... You fill in the blank. (If you dare.) Between division and destiny one always finds these two: a divine directive and a decision to obey. Watch. Pray. Chew. What is your Acts 10 journey? Let God speak. If you find confusion, surprise or shock; worry not. All are normal. Remember, your 'Cornelius' is waiting. Stephen Replay of teaching on YouTube. Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

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