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But David Remained... When It's Time to Leave

Years ago God showed me that His annual progression of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles mirrors the covenant marriage process to leave, cleave, and become One.

This first biblical month is when Israel had to leave Egypt (Passover) in order to rightly cleave to the Lord in the Wilderness. (At Pentecost.)

Years later, it is also when they had to leave the way of the Wilderness Glory to cleave to the Lord in His Promised Land Glory.

Their problem, like ours, (and all marriages,) is that they carried far too much 'baggage' of old habits, comforts, expectations, etc.   

If we are to cross into the new He has for us, we must also be willing to leave not only the bad, but the 'good old' as well.  

It is easy and dangerous to expect or want God to move now as He did then: To pine for the Pillar of Fire when the Ark is now on point.  

Or to assume that how and where we were deployed then will be the same now.  

Much more on the replay but one other point to ponder. 

It was now, in the springtime, when David did not cross over into the battlefield but remained in Jerusalem, where so many 'good' things had happened. 

Yet it was there that the 'man after God's heart' succumbed to the fog of spiritual disorientation and flung himself headlong into self-justified adultery, conspiracy, and murder.  Yikes!

Heads up: When God says to cross over into the battlefield, don't delay, equivocate, or excuse.

'There IS nothing so dangerous as remaining where God WAS.'  

He's crossing us over into a new day in a new way with fresh strategies and revelation.  

Time to leave the 'old good' so we cleave to Him in the 'great new.'


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck session is on Facebook.


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