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Risk the Real to Reverse the Curse

We're about to enter the month of Adar II - the 'leap month' when God gives us extra time to bring things under His divine government.  

It's linked to Esther when the curse is reversed because she was willing to risk the real: The revelation of her true identity

That is also our fight right here and right now

The Real stands in absolute contrast to the fake that is saturating most everything.  

This highlights the bare knuckle brawl of The Father of Light against the father of lies and we know who wins that battle.

But as we make our way through this increasingly artificial world, we are required to risk the real and reveal the Glory within us. 

Make no mistake: The enemy wants to keep you sheltered, timid, hidden, and uncertain of the Glory he knows you carry.  


In the movie Cocoon, a benevolent alien carries a secret glory covered by flesh and blood and hidden to all. 

Until he pulls down an eyelid and BAM! there it is. 

That is a picture of who you are and the Glory you carry.  

The curse loosed in the garden brought shame, fear, and the need to cover up and hide. 

Risk the real and reverse the curse! 

ALL of creation stands on tip toes waiting to see you revealed. (Rom 8)


Book referenced: Allen Arnold, Risk the Real: Defy the Rise of the Artificial

Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck session is on Facebook.


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