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No More Posing: Glory MUST Shine!

There is a pervasive, subtle, and saturating battle between the artificial/fake and the authentic/real. 

All that is necessary for the fake to rule is for the real to not show up.  

This is more than 'fake news' and altered photographs: It is a war waged between Truth and the father of lies and your full presence is ground zero. 

This battle seeks to keep the authentic glory of God in you hidden behind layers of next generation fig leaves: The presenting of who we think we should be.   

Paul showed us how to leverage the cracks and brokenness in us as portals of His Power and Glory (2 Cor 12.) 

But rather than embrace that, we stick on camouflage band aids and religious veneers so no one knows we're so broken.  

But doing so aligns us with the fake and diminishes how His radiance penetrates the darkness around us.     

We are to be those with unveiled faces - contemplating the Lord's glory and being transformed - constantly.  

Our raw and real is to be focused and fixated upon The Real so that His Glory pulses and our light is stunning.

Watch the replay.  

This is but one slice to understand the battle against the rise of all things artificial.    

Your place and importance is this fight cannot be overstated. 

But it begins within and how you choose to show up

No more posing: The Glory wants to shine. 

The Glory MUST shine so the Real is revealed.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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