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Break Through the Fog of Spiritual Disorientation

Spatial disorientation is a prevalent and dangerous factor for aviators - even veteran and military flyers. 

It occurs when vision is so impaired by fog, clouds, night, etc., that other senses try (and fail) to determine how you're flying and where you're going.  

This disorientation can be so compelling that many have flown full throttle into oceans, mountains, or land, thoroughly convinced they were flying well away from those things. 

The plane's instruments clearly indicated the danger - i.e., that they were spiraling down - but their other senses would not believe it, so down they went. 

We are now in a time when this same dynamic can occur to us spiritually. 

That 'fog' that impairs vision is created by the overwhelming flow of information, the constant question of whether things are real or artificial, the level of multiple demands, etc. 

Like those pilots, we can default to our senses that we're flying straight and level, when THE Instrument Panel is showing us, 'DANGER: PULL UP! PULL UP!'

In this day and age when emotions and 'subjective truth' are seen as the true indicators of reality, we need to be alert to this peril. 

'Fog' hits us all in this culture and NONE are immune.

But YOU are now aware.  

There was much more last night as we took a dive into the practical applications of Esther and the celebration of Purim.  

Make the time to watch the replay and let Him point out which 'praxis points' you need apply. 

Meanwhile, heads up: The fog of spiritual disorientation is NOT going to lighten up.  

But WE have the Instrument to show us our true bearings and the way to break through it.

Provided we actually believe and act upon it, despite what we may feel. 


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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