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Take Aways from the Tenth: Be Ready!

Three key events occurred on the 10th day of God's 1st month and they signal a 'heads up'  on how we cross over into the new.  

On lamb selection day (Ex 12) each family took in a lamb for 4 days before killing it on Passover.  Why would God require that?  

'The life is in the blood' (Lev 17) and this personal time with that life made his sacrifice intimate and real.

Enter Passover with days of intimacy with your (The) Lamb so His sacrifice is personal, palpable, and powerful. 

The Blood is vibrant and must never become some impersonal, analytical, or practical device.   

The 10th was also when God required the feet of the priests carrying the Ark be in the waters of the Jordan before that barrier would break. 

We likewise must carry The Presence and go in feet-first with 'skin in the game.'   

We get out by The Blood; We get in by The Presence. 

It was also on the 10th when Jesus rode humbly, then cleaned house hardily - like a Lion in a china shop. 

The fierce fire focused on His House then, now turns to 'the house' in us: Let Him drive out any compromise and restore your house of prayer. 

More on the replay to help you grasp His time-stamped revelation and apply them for these days. 

Do not underestimate the importance of this Passover.

Be ready: For The Lion and The Lamb are on the move!    


(PS: Special thanks to Christy for that sweet goat. Yes, I admit, we bear quite a resemblance.)

Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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