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In the Fight, Hear What the Spirit Is Saying

At some point, I should no longer be so stunned by the way in which God's calendar specifically illuminates the time we're in. Yet here I am....amazed again.

How do YOU see these times? What lens or filter are you wearing? First Fruits honors what God has done in the past month and then gives us biblical anchors to align our sight for the month we're in. These are like powerful lenses whereby we discern directions, warnings, how to move, what to avoid and how to align to effectively be a blessing and receive His blessing.

The key event in this 4th month is the Golden Calf Crisis. We think we 'get it' and move on... But In this time, pay specific attention to leadership - Two brothers in two settings, getting two imprints and forming two different kinds of priorities. All the while, the life of the nation hung in the balance.

Granted, idolatry is a very live issue - for them and for us. It is how people turn to old patterns and comfort in the midst of the unknown and fear.

Today we make our own emotional states and comfort the #1 idol and it drives and kills so many things.

For Moses and Aaron, we gain this insight: What you are present to, presses you. One was before Yahweh: the other before yahoos. Moses gets a God-imprint; Aaron is conformed into a 'contemporary' leader. You know, give the people what they want, meld it and then justify it as 'faith' made relevant. Aaron brings the nation to the brink of destruction; Moses fights for its life. And please, if you think this applies only 'out there,' think again: Some days we're a Moses, some days, an Aaron.

Much more in the replay. Wish I could say it was quick and lightweight but that's not the flavor of the month we're in. When you understand the forces that were at work in their time, it will help you identify them in ours. Lord willing, you'll check to see where your head, heart, eyes and ears are immersed. That will stir you to intercede in both the passion and process Moses used for his nation. In this tumultuous time, gain eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

As then, so now: There is a fight for the life of a nation.

Stephen Replay of this teaching on YouTube. Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

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