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Don't Look Back, Don't Pine for What Was - Pivot into His Plan with Expectation

Never before in our lives has there been such a time as this. What we do now, how we respond, upon what we gaze and focus, on what we long for - these produce trajectories for us and generations to follow.

Overstatement? At sundown we cross into God's 2nd biblical month - the hinge month or pivot point in scripture for God's people. It's the time and journey of Israel to Mt. Sinai and the disciples to the upper room. More than just getting there, it's how they navigate the pivot points along the way.

Israel pivots repeatedly back to longing for Egypt and sets a pattern of unbelief that dooms an entire generation and brings a reproach on God. The path of the 500+ disciples that saw Jesus wasn't all that straight either. Yet a 120 will pivot and position for what's next.

In this time, let go what was and allow Him to deal with the remnants of reproach. Pivot into the promise of what will be. And as the Body of Christ, the Church, remember that this month the 2nd Temple was started. It was 'less' in scale and size, but God declares that it's glory will be greater than it's predecessor

And if all of that was not enough - the tribe of Issachar is also linked to this month. They knew the times and seasons and what Israel should do. They are the pivot point and connector of Judah and Zebulun - Connecting worship/warfare to the marketplace.

I'm just scratching the surface of what is packed into this critical time, More on the replay. Much, much, much more in your bible. Dig into it. Ponder. Pivot. What lies before us must be our focus lest we pivot back in longing for what was. Stephen Replay of this word on YouTube, here. Full replay that includes the worship on Facebook, here.

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