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The Necessary Freedom of Inner Healing

In a month when we need to see the whole board, sometimes we forget to do the same with our inner life. It's easy to get caught in the immediate crisis in one part of our hearts and miss out how God is working in another. He wants you whole, because He loves ALL of you. As the Sanfords have stated, 'Inner-healing is like Evangelism, a ministry to bring the Gospel to those parts of a believer's heart that have not yet fully believed and cooperated with Jesus.'

Last night God did through Kim what He loves to do: He blew our doors off.

Not with a big bang, but by a persistent plying of truth into all the edges of our frame.

Lots of laughter around boatloads of insight walking through some serious stuff. But no fear: It's not hard or complicated. It simply requires your will.

Watch the replay, download the worksheet (link below), take some time and invite the Holy Spirit to walk you through the process. In a world desperate for truth, let Him bring out the whole truth in you. It will be amazing!

Oh, and by the way....

At the next Flight Deck, Ruthie Young will be teaching about the motivational gifts (aka 'wiring') from her book, Your Destiny - His Glory. Then on Saturday, from 9 to 3, she'll take us all on a deeper dive into understanding how these work - and sometimes don't work - when we mix together. Trust me - You really do NOT want to miss this. The Spirit of God uses Ruthie to imprint on us all in a remarkable way. Stephen Replay of Kim's teaching, here. Worksheet download, here.

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