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We're All Accountable

This is not simply an uncomfortable time for the nation. We're on the brink. Your faith dare not be passive - your prayers dare not be faint. Your voice dare not be silent.

Caleb's courage is linked to this month when his entire nation was on the brink. He faced off 2 million and they wanted to stone him for it. But he knew what he saw - the milk AND the giants. AND He knew what he believed. So he SPOKE.

Jesus has said that you are the light of the world and that no one sticks that light under a bushel. Why, then, are bushels selling hand over fist? They muffle the voices of many who carry the light.

But where and how you speak is paramount. There is more than ample soporific shouting loosed in the atmosphere. But as those that follow the King, we hold these connected dynamos: Grace & Truth; Hope & Honor; Worship & Warfare. For then we will be faithful watchmen, see as He sees, and speak as He directs. Maybe the Lion-share of what you say will be in prayer. (We ALL must ramp up in that.) But do not, do not, do not shrink back from speaking truth where He directs. Caleb risked the wrath of a nation to save them - what must we? Stephen PS: This is not a short teaching and I'm pushing boundaries. But just like you, I, too, am accountable. Replay of this teaching on YouTube. Replay of entire Flight Deck session on Facebook.

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