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Headwaters and Allies in War

Okay....well that is, perhaps, the ugliest graphic I've created - but it reveals something important. 8 years ago God showed me the release of these, our assigned headwaters. He sustained them and is now increasing the flow. But I had yet to comprehend the effective 'DNA' of these headwaters: Grace and Truth. Hope and Honor. Worship and Warfare.

Each pair is like two sides of a coin. You cannot move in one without the other. Grace and Truth are the first pair and they permeate everything. We remain unequivocally committed to be, as Jesus was, 'FULL of grace and truth.' (BTW: Do not just nod your head, 'Oh, yeah. Sure.' Each of these carries a price for each is Kingdom currency.) If you are aligned here, trust me - He will pull you into ALL the truth about Him AND you.

Honor and Hope form the next pair and like all the others carry too many aspects and too much weight for me to express briefly.

Just grasp that they depend upon each other: It is impossible to release honor unless we are fully captured by hope. We do not hold right hope if we do not rightly honor.

Worship and Warfare is a familiar pairing for you by now. Everything we do has the dynamic of worship and all true worship is warfare.

These powerful 'DNA strands' form and inform the headwaters here. They are not light, anecdotal sound bites that comprise a marketing mantra. Each feeds into the streams of impact that flow from here. God is the source as they carry downstream and transformation follows. what?!?! Why would He be pointing this out now? In times of change and churn, we must all know who we are, to whom we're connected, and how those connections work.

Chuck once said, 'You can have fellowship with anyone but you can only go to war with those who have a like heart.'

These 'strands' will help determine those you call upon in battle - for war is, indeed, upon us.

Stephen Replay of this teaching on YouTube. Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

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