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The Battle Is Intense: Time to GAD up!

The King IS in the field. And on the battlefield He meets us as the Commander of the Heavenly Host. That's great news - but it raises questions as to our fitness for the current battle.

Last night we examined the spiritual parallels in each of the descriptive words used to describe Gad (1 Chron. 12.) For instance - They left comfort and stability to follow the anointing in the wilderness. They were strong and skilled in two specific weapons: One defensive; one offensive. They knew both how to be fierce and how to be fluid...etc., etc.

And you...?

Many more touch points and deeper questions that the Lord brought before us.

Please invest the time to watch and compare your readiness against what He's saying. Not because you have the time to spare (you don't.) But because you dare not stay alert and aware of how the Lord is trying to equip us. The intensity of this time requires the right response: Do you know how to do so?

You see, this national crisis makes it clear: It isn't just about you. And it's not just about those intimate to you.

This is about your strategic part in something FAR bigger - something that has shifted - something that needs you fully engaged. For instance - do you know how to rightly use your 'shield?' Not just to protect yourself - but do you know how to 'lock shields' with key allies? Did you even know that you need to?

Last teaser on this teaching: Bizarre occurrence here in town on Monday night. Freak storm blew in - took the steeple clean off a church building but did no other damage in all the area. Weird that the steeple looked like it was purposefully set down on the ground, a hundred feet away, remarkably intact. Here's the added interest: On the biblical calendar it occurred on the exact same date when Ezekiel was given a massive vision - about the people of God - and how HE was addressing it. (Ezek. 8:1) Please - pay attention! The Spirit is speaking TO the church ABOUT the church and He is setting dramatic markers along the way. The battle is intense. But the King is in the field. Respond rightly and put your GAD on.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube. Replay of the whole Flight Deck on Facebook.

(Apologies on jumpy vid quality on both of these...An equipment challenge - We're getting it figured out.)

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