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Eight words to break the limits off

The Glory within. The Fire around. No limits. Here's what we covered at the Deck this week:

  • How Glory radiates out like a wave

  • The variety of manifestation

  • God's Presence v. Glory

  • Quiet v. loud

  • Our Moses' veil problem

  • The pious fraud: We have no misgivings about Jesus

  • We're like circus elephants

If you know all that already, no worries and no need to watch the replay. If might help. Eight words: The Glory within. The Fire around. No limits. Breakthrough awaits. Not as a mindless mantra but a thoughtful declaration of His Word - a conscious decision to realign with Truth as you go. As always - your choice: Break the limits or not. But why limit His Glory on you? Stephen Replay link here. Listen to the song, Limitless by Glory of Zion International Worship.

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