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Want to learn more?

Below are some recent very short videos that help you choose which deeper teachings would be helpful for you.  Check them out. 
Then go to the YouTube Channel to watch the full word.

Take God to the Map - 

 a 98 second fight

The Rest in The Wrestle

2 minute recalibration 

Redefine The New Normal 

2 minute Truth Shot

Why we need a larger perspective:

2 minute Truth Shot

 Do you smell? Are you radioactive?

2 minute Truth Shot

Why It's So Crazy Right Now - 

70 Second update

Stable Instability -

         90 seconds from The Deck

Want the NEW?  End the old.  2 minute shot.

90 Seconds to Shift Your Brain

Breaking free to cross over - 3 minutes

HALO Drop:

    High Altitude - Low Opening

Do you even know

         how to use that thing?

    Light breaks in...

 The challenge we have with our

                           root structure.

Are you in or out?

     3 minute Truth Shot

Dealing with disappointment

                    3 min Truth Shot

You 'da VAV!' 

   Understanding your significance

  Where you at? 

       Time to Shift your location?

Show Me The Glory!

                  Show Me The Glory!

                                        3 min short 

Is Your Confidence Misplaced?

3 min. summary of  The Flight Deck 8-6-15

Detect and Correct

 3 min sum from The Flight Deck 7-30-15

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