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7 Root Causes of Spiritual Hearing Loss

Physical hearing loss is inconvenient and bothersome.

Spiritual hearing loss is dangerous and even lethal.

When Jesus stuck his fingers in the ears of the deaf man in Mark 7, it was right at the root of the problem.

Incredibly personal, intimate, and invasive, it was exactly what the man needed so he understood what was being addressed.

Where does Jesus need to stick His fingers in our lives to heal our spiritual hearing loss?

Last night at The Deck, we walked through 7 root causes so He can address these with you.

Like natural hearing loss, violent or sustained 'noise' from past traumas, environments, theologies, and more, may have damaged our spiritual hearing.

All too often we don't even know that it's a problem because we can't hear the Word or His Voice about those very areas.

Time to expose the roots so Dr Jesus can address them.

Get a pen and paper - watch the replay.

There are specifics on each of the 7 roots that will apply to you.

Write them down and go to Him.

Let Him put His fingers right on the issues and heal you.

You're gonna love hearing clearly.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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