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A Month to Increase Your WINGSPAN

God's 2nd biblical month is a 'hinge' which connects the blockbuster breakthrough of Passover to the MUCH MORE of Pentecost.

Likewise, God's 2nd tribe of Issachar is a 'hinge' connecting the worship/warfare of Judah with the riches/resources of Zebulun.

Scripture abounds in references to this month and tribe so we know how to align in time and do OUR part in the transition. How so?

Basically, we choose to be a human hinge - reaching back and reaching forward to allow God to connect these anointings in us.

Grab a piece of paper and on the left side 'reach back' and jot down some of the many times He delivered you into or out of things.

You know, the miracles of your birth, natural and spiritual, His infilling, provision, more. Deliverance from bad decisions, sickness, death, accidents, etc., etc., etc.

Reach back, write it down, and remember: Faith is stirred and strengthened.

Now reach forward with confidence. On the right side of the paper, jot down His personal promises to you that are yet to be grasped.

Prophetic words spoken over you; Times He lit you up as you read scripture and you said, 'Yes.' Times He spoke into your heart about destiny and trajectory.

Now in the middle of the page write the 4 T's that we see in this month in His word: Teaching. Training. Testing. Transition.

What will He teach as you extend your wingspan? How will He reveal Himself to you as Yahweh Rapha, Yahweh Nissi, or even Jehovah Sneaky?

What training will He orchestrate to sharpen your listening, warfare, obedience and more?

Then what tests does He have to encourage, clarify, and challenge you to lean ever more into Him?

All of this transitions us from what has been accomplished to what remains before us.

Extending reach is not without stress for being so s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d pulls on anything rigid or inflexible.

But in this month, increase your wingspan for the MUCH MORE directly ahead.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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