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A Time to Live Large

This Pentecost season is a time when The Bride has decisions to make:

  • Ascend into the Presence or descend into the pressure.

  • Be saturated in the Spirit or dry up in the flesh.

  • LIVE LARGE or die small.

A recent John Eldredge devotional mentioned we're like penguins: Designed to live in two worlds.

He's right: Operating in the natural, we can look as silly and awkward as that waddle patrol on ice.

Yet operating by the Spirit in the depths, we soar with grace, speed, elegance, and true freedom.

The decision before us is not complicated.

Will we choose to operate fully in the Spirit and LIVE LARGE or function like land-locked flightless birds?

Moses demonstrates what it takes to LIVE LARGE in this very month.

He journeys into the 'thick darkness where God was,' and embraces the very Voice that freaks everyone else.

He ascends, attends, gets saturated, and comes back living large.

Time for The Bride to follow that lead.

Time for each of us to do so.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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