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Alignment: The Anointing You Need AND the MInd-Skin to Hold It

Last night was a critical word in this crucial time because we need all the 'juice' we can hold.

'Juice' is a word I use at times in place of anointing: That specificfavor, flavor, power and authority of Holy Spirit that moves in and through you to accomplish your assigned work.

That 'juice' flows down (Ps. 133) into you - wherever you align.

Yet, some of us don't realize what we pick up by osmosis - for good...or not.

For wherever you regularly show up, there is a spiritual 'magnetic field' that imprints and forms a 'mind-skin' to hold the anointing.

It is important to discern the difference between your alignment and your assignment.

You get your anointing, focus, and mind-skin from your alignment and then take and use that in your assignment.

Simplified: You get what you need from alignment so you then impact your assignment.

Who cares? We do, You should.

Why? It breaks our hearts to see folks walk into the meatgrinder of battle they're ill prepared to face for their alignment does not flow in what they need.

God paired Gideon's 32,000 to an aligned 300 and equipped them accordingly. Jesus' paired and aligned 12 and then went down to 3 for the deep battle before Him.

Chuck is correct, 'You can have fellowship with anyone but you can't go to war with anyone.'

Much on the replay that isn't here. Not a brief word, but too important not to detail.

Too important for you not to invest the time to watch. Please.

Remember - You already move in some anointing and mind-skin from where you show up.

Be certain that you do not confuse your alignment from your assignment so you are rightly established for the warfare upon us.


PS: Doris Wagner is here NEXT FLIGHT DECK! Bringing a new teaching on dealing with trauma. Don't miss it.

Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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