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Are These 'Base Pairs' in Your DNA? You'll WANT This Life-Flow

All DNA is made up of 'base pairs' that are the fundamental building blocks for life.

Each pair fits lock-and-key and must be joined together as life flow is dependent upon the connections.

As a new wineskin, this Freedom Outpost has 'base pairs' that help define what we are and how we operate.

To function fully for our mandate, we must hold each part of each pair, like the midpoint of the lock-and-key, even if at times they seem in tension with each other.

So, for instance, with one hand we hold fully onto Hope so we 'see' what can and will be with an expectation of reconciliation and restoration.

With the other hand we hold onto and move with Honor toward even the crazy people and things God has created, despite how messed and marred they/we/it may be.

There's also a danger of restricting the 'flow' as well: If we do not hold fully to the whole truth, we limit how much grace can flow.

If we do not stand fast in worship, we will not be victorious in warfare.

And if we do not embrace our assigned warfare, our worship is lessened in passion and resolve.

Likewise, if we do not function well as the oikos (family) of God, it reduces our authority to govern as the ekklesia of God.

If we do not fully grasp that larger mission to govern, then our 'family' structure turns inward, becomes self-serving, will slowly age and die on the vine.

The 'base pairs' of our DNA are core to who we are and how we move.

Determine if and how they are part of your makeup.

Understanding it helps each of us find our tribe, family, and war unit.

Walking it out brings an amazing flow of life.


PS: Daphne Swilling gave an important update last night - (1:15 mark on Facebook replay.)

Should you wish to donate a tax deductible gift: Make check payable and mail to: Peregrini International, Inc., PO Box 28495, Chattanooga, TN 37424.

Online gift via PAYPAL: Use email or 423-580-4366 to direct funds.

Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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