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Can You Hear Him Now? God's Peculiar Process to Open Your Ears

Physical hearing loss in the US occurs in one of eight people.

Spiritual hearing loss in the church is more like, what, seven out of eight?

How's yours?

God has a process to open our ears and restore our hearing. But it is peculiar.


Last night at The Deck, we took a deep dive into Jesus' encounter with deaf man in Mark 7.

Parts seem normal and right. Parts are surprising and even shocking.

But it's all Jesus - as He Is, not how we might prefer Him to be.

It's the spitting and sigh that catch us most off guard.

But these details demonstrate the very personalized and intimate approach that He takes when addressing this issue with us.

Watch the replay.

Let it challenge your assumptions.

Then decide to walk through your process with Him - regardless how it might ruffle your sensibilities.

We need your ears fully tuned to Him so your authentic and authoritative voice is loosed.

Will you hear Him NOW?


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck session is on Facebook.


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