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Have You Altered Your Altar So It's 'Useful?'

Altering your altar is an easy trap to fall into.

It's a fear-driven strategy to control: Sure God gave this to us but now we have to protect it.

In I Kings 12 Jeroboam shows us how this works.

  • Blend it - a Jesus PLUS approach

  • Blur it - a Word MINUS approach.

  • Bend it - make it convenient

  • Break it - make it comfortable

The result of these altered altars was 'useful religion' - useful politically (then and now) to keep a nation divided.

And when these elements alter our altars, it's useful for us: The appearance of worship without the full cost.

Brother Rory states, 'Jeroboam taught people that your idea is just as good as God’s. You don’t have to give God the worship He requires, just give Him the worship you want to give Him.'

Another said this, 'When we say that worship is inconvenient for us, it means that we do not understand what worship is. You are worshiping yourself when convenience is your concern.' (B. Kercheville)

Step back, watch the replay: Examine your altar and look for any fear-driven alterations.

Repent, be restored, and repair your altar.

Bring Him the worship He requires - the full worship He deserves.


The replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

The replay of this entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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